Nougat coulantDelicious dessert very easy to make with the küken food processor, ideal for celebrations and special days.
Energy barsEnergy bars ideal for healthy and wholesome breakfasts and snacks.
Roscón de reyesIn this case we present the recipe for the traditional Three Kings' Day cake. A roscón full of tradition and a delight for both children and adults.
ProfiterolesIt is very easy to make your own profiteroles at home and the result is spectacular. When it comes to filling them, you can use any flavour you like: cream, truffle or cream.
Chocolate and almond shortbreadAlthough we often buy mantecados, the reality is that they are very easy to make and the flavour changes completely. If you want to go back to the flavours of years ago when they were kneaded in a homemade way, take note of how to prepare this recipe.
Chocolate mousse with nougat  This chocolate mousse with nougat is easy to prepare and is perfect for chocolate fans, as it has a very powerful flavour and its texture is a real delight.
Tarta de SantiagoFew recipes with so few ingredients give such an extraordinary result as this Santiago cake.
Lemon mousseThis dessert is very easy to prepare and has a texture and flavour that will bring a smile to your face with the first spoonful.