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Pumpkin and nuts sponge cakeIt is important that the nuts are either raw or roasted without salt. We can decorate our cake with assorted nuts and sprinkled icing sugar on top.
Textured soy croquettesDelicious and healthy recipe for Textured Soy Croquettes, very easy to prepare thanks to the EASYChef TOUCH 9000 food processor.
FalafelTraditional falafel recipe. This dish originates from the Middle East and is a real delicacy, as well as being a healthy dish and a source of vegetable protein. Prepare it easily with the EASYChef TOUCH 9000 food processor. 
Sautéed vegetables with tofuEasy to prepare with our EASYChef TOUCH 9000 food processor, these sautéed vegetables with tofu are full of flavour and nutrients, perfect for a quick dinner or a light lunch.
Cooked white riceFew ingredients give more play in the kitchen than rice, it is the basis of countless recipes and its versatility is more than demonstrated. With this white rice recipe we can prepare multiple dishes in a very short time.
Vegetable RisottoAs we have mentioned in another risotto recipe, this type of dish is perfect to prepare in our EASYChef TOUCH 9000 food processor. The creaminess of the risotto is guaranteed.
Lentils with vegan chorizoDon't give up eating healthy dishes for lack of time, these lentils are perfect to eat freshly made, but also to prepare them in advance and take them in the lunchbox to eat at work.If at the time of preparing the recipe we do not have vegetable broth at home we can use water, no problem.
Egg and dairy free muffinsIf we prefer, we can substitute the orange juice for the same amount of vegetable drink, for example, soy beverage will be very good.
Pasta with broccoli pestoTo prepare this recipe we can choose the type of pasta we prefer, macaroni, spirals, ribbons. It is always better to choose a wholemeal pasta as it will bring more fiber to our diet.If we want our recipe to be suitable for vegans we can eliminate the parmesan cheese and choose a vegan option that we find in the shops, if we do not add it nothing happens. To prepare the pesto we can add some fresh basil leaves and reserve some leaves also to garnish the dish when serving.