Energy barsEnergy bars ideal for healthy and wholesome breakfasts and snacks.
Sliced bread with milk and sugarThis bread is so versatile that you can accompany it with almost any ingredient, both sweet and savoury.A perfect alternative to the sliced bread we usually buy, healthier and freshly baked. Nothing to do with it, that's for sure. 
Pumpkin and nuts sponge cakeIt is important that the nuts are either raw or roasted without salt. We can decorate our cake with assorted nuts and sprinkled icing sugar on top.
Egg and dairy free muffinsIf we prefer, we can substitute the orange juice for the same amount of vegetable drink, for example, soy beverage will be very good.
Oatmeal PorridgeIt is the perfect breakfast to start the day with energy, thanks to the combination of oats, milk and honey.If we prefer, we can substitute the milk for a vegetable drink of our choice, so it will also be suitable for vegans and lactose intolerant people.In this recipe we have included honey but if we prefer we can use any other type of sweetener, or if we are not overly sweet we can not include any.